Biochemistry Reagents


Vanguard Diagnostics, a renowned name in the diagnostics sector, offers a variety of high-quality Biochemistry Reagents. These products offer single reagents in the liquid stable format. We offer human serum calibrators in place of simple standards in order to ensure matrix parity and accuracy of results.

Our Biochemistry Reagents are rigorously formulated and quality tested, often surpassing industry standards. They are crucial for determining biochemical markers for diabetes, lipid profile, liver function, kidney function amongst others. Vanguard Diagnostics’ Reagents are compatible with a wide spectrum of Biochemistry analyzers. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into any lab’s testing processes, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.


Biochemistry reagents, a specialized sector of medical science, plays an instrumental role in diagnosing various diseases, understanding patient metabolism, and evaluating treatment effectiveness. Central to these processes are Biochemistry reagents, which facilitate the analysis of body fluids, predominantly blood and urine, to determine their chemical composition.

Why are Biochemistry  Reagents needed?

Diagnostic Accuracy: Biochemistry reagents interact with specific compounds in patient samples, allowing for precise measurements. This precision helps healthcare professionals accurately diagnose a range of conditions, from diabetes to liver and kidney disorders, amongst others.

Broad Spectrum Analysis: Modern medicine recognizes the complexity of human health and the myriad of factors affecting it. Biochemistry reagents reagents help in analyzing a wide range of metabolites, proteins, and enzymes, presenting a comprehensive health overview.

Swift Results: Quick diagnosis leads to timely treatment. Using these reagents, many automated analyzers can provide rapid results, essential for critical care situations.

Importance of Biochemistry Reagents

Reliable Health Assessments: The efficacy of Biochemistry reagents ensures that test results are consistent and reliable, which is pivotal for accurate health assessments. Any discrepancies can lead to misdiagnosis, potentially jeopardizing patient health.

Informed Clinical Decisions: Clinicians rely on data-driven insights. The results derived from these reagents provide crucial biochemical insights, guiding doctors in prescribing the right treatment, adjusting medication doses, or recommending lifestyle changes.Monitoring Disease Progression: Many conditions, like kidney diseases or certain types of cancers, require regular monitoring. Biochemistry reagents offer consistent evaluations, helping doctors track disease progression or regression.

Vanguard brand Biochemistry Reagents for all open/ partially open models

Albumin with human protein calibrator

Alkaline Phosphatase, Liquid Stable

Amylase, Single Reagent

Bilirubin, Total & Direct

Calcium, Arsenazo III (available in mono-vials also)

Cholesterol, Single Reagent

Creatinine, Single Reagent & Two Reagents

Creatine Kinase, Liquid Stable

Creatine Kinase MB, Liquid Stable

Gamma GT, Liquid Stable

Glucose, Single Reagent

HDL Cholesterol Direct, Enzymatic

Immunoturbidity Method RF

Immunoturbidity Method CRP

Immunoturbidity Method ASO

LDL Cholesterol Direct, Enzymatic


Microprotein, Pyrogallol Red

SGOT, Highly stable NADH based

SGPT, Highly stable NADH based

Total Protein with human protein calibrator

Triglycerides, Single Reagent

Urea UV, Berthelot & Salicylate

Uric Acid, Single Reagent

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