Hematology Reagents

Vanguard Diagnostics is a renowned entity in the diagnostic sector, offering a wide selection of Hematology Reagents – a key component for any lab focusing on blood analysis and associated disorders. These reagents are used to determine conditions like anemia, leukemia, and infections, our reagents stand out due to their precision and reliability.

Quality is paramount at Vanguard Diagnostics, which is why our Hematology Reagents are produced under strict quality control protocols. Meeting and often surpassing industry standards, they offer consistent results that healthcare providers can rely on.

Compatible with various Hematology Analyzers, our reagents provide flexibility to cater to the specific needs of labs of all sizes. Our dedication lies in aiding healthcare professionals in diagnosing and managing blood diseases accurately.

Rely on Vanguard Diagnostics for reagents that guarantee dependable performance and contribute to improved patient care.

3 Part – Hematology Reagents

3 Part Differential Reagents under Vanguard Brand/ OEM/ Third Party arrangements for leading models

Mindray 3 part analyzers

Prokan 3 part analyzer

Sysmex KX 21 pocH-100 i

Urit 3 part analyzer

Rayto 3 part analyzer

Nihon Kohden 3 part analyzers

Horiba ABX Micros 60

Reagents for any other 3 PD analyzer

Hematology Reagents

5 Part – Hematology Reagents

5 Part differential reagents with Vanguard brand name, under license from Diagon, Hungary.

Instrument : Mindray Models : 5000/5150, 5300,5800

Instrument : Sysmex Models : XS 800 i, XS 1000 i